A Peeler in the Family

Birmingham City police helmet and badge. 


 Not in the book but it is from the 1980s included in the clipping is Dave Storr, Paddy Shute, Dennis Box, Mick Easton, Phil Redmond and Steve Bone. 

 Mrs Moore- HQ Canteen Manageress - with her award winning baking.

 A `Peeler`  the Irish Policeman-

William `Willie` Talbot -my  Grand Uncle- born 1898- A sergeant in the Southern Irish police `An Garda Siochana (1923-1961) 

James Talbot -my Great Grand Uncle- born 1868 in County Kerry. became a member of  the Royal Irish Constabulary from 1890 to 1915.

February 1997 receiving the Long Service Medal from the then Chief Constable Sir Edward Crew. 

Favourite Western 'High Noon.'

Whistle and chain. 

Mick now  retired walking the Hills of Antrim in 2009. 

From the Miners dispute in the 1980s.

 The original helmet badge for West Midlands Police

Playing for D Division police team against Cannock police in the 1982 Junior Cup final at Boldmere St Michaels FC. Andy Parker, a former West Midlands police officer is in the blue kit for Cannock.

Old Comrades

My father John Joe Talbot (1926-1996) 


Picture Gallery

Birmingham City Centre in 1986 with PC Barbara Morrison


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