A Peeler in the Family (West Midlands Police)



 Introduction (page IV.)

 Chapter One: My childhood. (7.)

 Chapter Two: Birmingham City Police Cadets (23.)

 Chapter Three: West Midlands Police (44.)

 Chapter Four: The Recruit (49.)

 Chapter Five: The Birmingham Bombings (60.)

 Chapter Six: The Probationary Constable (69.)

 Chapter Seven: The “Ghost” of Canterbury Road (88.)

 Chapter Eight: The “Battle of Digbeth” (97.)

 Chapter Nine: The Murder of Candice Williams (102.)

 Chapter Ten: Strikes at British Leyland Cars (107.)

 Chapter Eleven:   The Liverpool Riots (117.)

 Chapter Twelve: The Pope’s visit to Britain (122.)

 Chapter Thirteen: Yvonne Fletcher (133.)   

 Chapter Fourteen: The Miners’ Strike (135.) 

 Chapter Fifteen: The Recruiting Department (153.)

 Chapter Sixteen: “A” Unit Bromford Lane (1988) (171.)

 Chapter Seventeen: An attachment to the C.I.D. (197.)

 Chapter Eighteen: Back on Shifts again (200.)

 Chapter Eighteen: Plain Clothes Departments (202.)

 Chapter Nineteen: Sector Policing (241.)

 Chapter Twenty: The Police Training Department (245.)

Chapter Twenty One: My Retirement (273.)

 Other e-books: by Michael James Talbot (277.)


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